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List of Courses Start Date End Date Details
 Training Programme on Soft Skills  26/09/2019  27/09/2019 Write Up Photograph 
 Seminar on Key Result Areas - Role of Range Heads  19/08/2019  20/08/2019 Write Up Photograph 
 Training Programme for Officers of Exemption Charges  25/07/2019  26/07/2019 Write Up  Photograph 
 Training Programme for Assessing Officers in Corporate Charges  18/07/2019  19/07/2019 Write Up  Photograph 
 OECD Seminar on Advance Tax Treaties  10/06/2019  14/06/2019 Write Up  Photograph 
 Feedback Seminar for the officers of 70th batch of IRS  20/05/2019  21/05/2019 Write Up  Photograph 
 Surrogate Trainers- OJT-II of 71st Batch of IRS  24/01/2019  24/01/2019 Write Up  Photograph 
 Training Programme on Benami Transactions Act  17/01/2019  18/01/2019 Write Up  Photograph 
 Preventive Vigilance and Functions of Inquiry Officers & Presenting Officers  10/01/2019  11/01/2019 Write Up  Photograph 
 Management Development Programme for 47th batch of IRS-Year 1993  10/12/2018  11/12/2018 Write Up  Photograph 
 CBDT-OECD Course on Advanced Transfer Pricing  03/12/2018  07/12/2018 Write Up  Photograph 
 Management Development Programme for 41st batch of IRS-Year 1987  15/11/2018  16/11/2018 Write Up Photograph 
 Mid Career Training Programme Phase-1 2018  27/08/2018  21/09/2018 Write Up  Photograph 
 Understanding The Centrality Of Central Charges-Enhancing Effeciency And Effectiveness  25/07/2018  27/07/2018 Write Up  Photograph 
 Training Programme on Self Management & Skills for Professional Excellence  05/07/2018  06/07/2018 Write Up  Photograph 
 Investigation Of Foreign Assest Cases  14/06/2018  15/06/2018 Write Up Photograph 

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