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Ms. Alka Tyagi

Message of Pr. DG Trg

It is with a profound feeling of humility and responsibility that I write my message as the new Principal Director General of the National Academy of Direct Taxes, Nagpur. This training institute, with the humble beginnings in Mumbai in 1945, after traversing through Kolkata and finally settled in the ‘orange’ city of Nagpur as NADT, is today the premier training institute of the Income Tax Department. Having begun my journey as an IRS Probationer in NADT in 1984, I too have traversed the country through a career spanning 34 years, to finally reach my Alma Mater at Nagpur to continue the institute’s proud legacy of building on the strong foundations created by my predecessors over the last few decades.

The National Academy of Direct Taxes imparts training of the highest standards to the Officer Trainees of the Indian Revenue Service as also the senior Group A officers of the Income Tax Department, conducting mid-career training programmes for the latter. The Academy has expanded its horizons to hone the technical knowledge and skill sets of other Services/ Enforcement Agencies, both domestic and foreign. The focal point of the training at NADT is centered on the 5 point Charter spelt out by the Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi for the Income Tax Department: RAPID, viz. Revenue, Accountability, Probity, Information and Digitisation.

With infrastructure which meets world-class standards, including a well anointed library and sports complex, to encourage extra-curricular activities; coupled with a team of senior, motivated and dedicated administrators and internal faculty which is supplemented with external resource academicians also, NADT today stands out as an apex training institute of the country. The endeavour is to convert an amalgam of young men and women who have joined the Income Tax Service, coming as they do from vastly varied backgrounds, into motivated officers of the Govt. of India. Ongoing the field, they act as responsible facilitators for the honest tax payers who contribute towards nation building when they pay their taxes, like ‘honey bees which extract nectar from flowers without hurting them’ but at the same time do not lose sight of the motto of the Department ‘Kosho Moolo Dandah’: officers who are well-equipped to adapt to the current dynamic environment in the Department.

The Regional Training Institutes, spread across the country, also work on similar lines while simultaneously ensuring that in the MSTUs run by them, the staff of the Income Tax Department also undergoes the same up-gradation of technical knowledge as well as behavioural and technical skills.

The guiding philosophy for NADT is well summed up in a saying of Swami Vivekananda:

‘Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life, think of it, dream of it, live on that idea, let the brain, muscles, nerve, every part of your body be full of that idea and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.’

Thank you for having visited the web-site of NADT. Any suggestions which could result in an improvement in any aspect of our working are always welcome.



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