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** Joining Instructions for Induction Training Programme of 72nd batch of IRS. For Details Click Here


Induction Training

Sixteen months’ Induction Training is conducted at the National Academy of Direct Taxes for the directly recruited officers of the Indian Revenue Service. The training has been designed to enable the Officer Trainees to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to function effectively and efficiently as a tax administrator. The restated objectives of the Induction Training are:

  • To enable the Officer Trainees to understand the strategic vision and future objectives of the Department

  • To develop skills for understanding compliance behavior and thus facilitating voluntary compliance for revenue maximization

  • To prepare the Officers for delivering quality taxpayer services by inculcating right attitude

  • To enable the Officer Trainees to understand the macroeconomic, taxation and fiscal policy of the Government of India

  • To develop an in-depth understanding of the laws governing direct taxation, and the rules and procedures framed under these laws

  • To facilitate acquisition of skills for detection and penalizing non-compliance

  • To impart working knowledge of other relevant laws, accounting and finance, general and financial management and office administration

  • To provide technical knowledge in the field of Information Technology including Digital Forensic and Information Security

  • To expose the Officer Trainees to the latest management techniques and Government of India Rules and regulations for effective management of the tax office

  • To ensure all-round and balanced personality development of Officer Trainees and inculcate the spirit of excellence and professionalism in their performance and conduct

  • To instill values of personal and professional integrity, community service, and high degree of probity in public life


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